Iron ore mines related to Pars Koumeh Mine :

The iron ore group, through large investment and utilization of expert forces and suitable equipment, has managed to introduce itself as one of the pioneers of the private sector in optimization and creation of increased worth in the nation’s iron ore industry, and mine, pre-produce, and produce iron ore. In addition, the production of concentrate is one of the projects being executed.

Sonbol mountain mine is located in the village of Mehrabad, in the Sangan section of the town of Khaff, in the province of Khorasan-e-Razavi.

  • Pars Soldor Ghahroud Company:

Soldor Ghahroud Mine is located at the 8th km of the Isfahan – TakhtJorGhahroud road, in the town of Ghahroud, city of Kashan in the province of Isfahan. It contains iron ore mines. The iron ore present in the mine is of magnetite type.

  • Zarrin Maaden Zangan Company:

Zarrin Maaden Zangan is located at 30 km from the town of Dandi, next to the village of Halab, town of Dandi, in the province of Zanjan. This mine, in addition to iron ore deposits, contains other minerals such as manganese rock, lead and zinc.

  • Neyshabour Mine:

SarchahNeyshabour is located in the city of Neyshabour in the province of Khorasan-e-Razavi. It contains plasery iron ore mines. The iron ore present in the mine is of magnetite type.

  • Nadoushan Mine:

Nadoushan Mine is located in the town of Sadough, 10 km away from Nadoushan, in the province of Yazd. The operations at the said mine are in the stage of exploration and obtaining permits the fact peace for exploitation.


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