Discovery group


Discovery Group

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Important activities in the exploration unit are as follows:

  • Exploration excavation of more than 60,000 meters in the Nasim Copper Complex with an area of ​​110 square kilometers.
  • Exploration operations in the Darouneh area of ​​Kashmar with an area of ​​4282 square kilometers in Khorasan Razavi province, west of Daroon to east of Kashmar, and south of Sabzevar to north of Bardaskan.
  • Exploration in the Sonajil Mine as one of the largest copper and gold mines in the country with an excavation of more than 20,000 meters with the participation of foreign investment in the Harris area of ​​East Azerbaijan Province.
  • Exploration work with 5,000m excavation at Symbol Mountain Mine.
  • Exploration in the gold mine of Kaboudan with excavation over 3000 meters.
  • Exploration in the lead and zinc mine of Nigangan with excavation exceeding 853 meters.


The most important activities performed in the extraction unit are as follows:

  • Using experts and design consultants in design, planning and monitoring.
  • Construction of a 140 ton warehouse as the largest private warehouse in the Khorasan province.
  • Use Purdek to achieve better results in firefighting.
  • Use of heavy-duty infuse material because of the juiciness of the pits.
  • Using a variety of controlled methods.
  • Using drones for mapping.
  • Perform engineering operations on grade control due to the complexity of existing mines.

Production Units

Undergraduate studies for the construction of production units have been carried out since 2011 in the Company’s mining complex, relying on internal specialist forces, equipping of mineral processing laboratories, research and development unit and construction of 100% Iranian processing units. It is hard to say that the company is one of the first in the world to build a fully-fledged Iranian production unit without dependence on foreign countries, relying on the young and domestic specialists, and is a symbol of the supreme leader’s remarks on “Resistance, Production-Employment” as well as ” Has shown support for Iranian production “.

The most important activities performed in the production unit are as follows:

  • Construction of pre-processing and iron ore processing unit in Koohe sombol Mountain mine.
  • Construction of a copper leaching tank processing unit at Nasim Copper Complex.
  • Construction of 5 condensing units of copper concentrate in Nasim Copper Complex.
  • Construction of hip leaching unit and cathode copper production plant at Nasim Copper Complex
  • Establishment of production and supply of all kinds of salt products with purity of up to 95.5%.

Research & Development & Laboratory

Also, in order to realize the slogan of relying on native knowledge and achieving accurate and reliable laboratory results, laboratories of Koma Mine Pars Company were set up. Laboratory and R&D unit has been able to add another honorary document by establishing ISO / IEC17025: 2005 standard system in 1994 and performing at least 500 analyzes per day.